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The Cornerstone of GiniMachine: AI for Predictive Analytics

At GiniMachine we are committed to developing technologies that create impactful and smooth experiences, and serve as a key source of insights. We did not reinvent the wheel. We built GiniMachine on top of the strongest AI algorithms, adding some ‘secret sauce’ to make it more powerful. GiniMachine is an ML-as-a-service platform that utilizes machine […]

GiniMachine Is on the Map of Active Contributors to AI Ecosystem

Deep Knowledge Analytics, an independent research group, publishes its report “AI in Eastern Europe: Artificial Intelligence Industry Landscape Overview 2018”. GiniMachine and its co-founder Dmitry Dolgorukov are featured in the paper.

GiniMachine Rated Among Top 20% Most Promising Startups in Europe

Minsk (Belarus), February 11, 2019 – Early Metrics, an independent rating agency for tech startups and innovative SMEs, announces the results of its recent assessment. According to the agency’s procedure, GiniMachine scores 77 out of 100 points. This puts the company into the top 20% cohort of innovation-focused businesses with high potential for future growth.

GiniMachine x Crosspring: a FinTech week in the Netherlands

In October, Zoetermeer turned into an innovation hotspot, where an ICT lab Crosspring organized a soft-landing mission. 7 fintech startups from across Europe got an opportunity to share their game-changing ideas with the Dutch market leaders and find business partners.

Banking Today: Risk Management with AI

According to McKinsey, risk management standards are rising. With the rise of Big Data, financial risk modelling requires much expertise and thorough management. Errors in datasets can lead to near-fatal losses. Asia-Pacific bank, for example, lost $4 billion when applied an interest-rate model that contained incorrect assumptions and data errors. Needless to say, the stakes are […]