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GiniMachine helps to build business-specific credit risk models automatically. Our credit risk management solution saves weeks of manual work and requires no special training and no extra skills.

Our Products

Our product helps credit companies and collection agencies speed up processes
and reduce costs, make decisions based on numbers rather than emotions.

Credit Scoring

Banks and fintech companies can now utilize advanced machine learning solutions to overcome the limitations of traditional credit scoring. With the aid of GiniMachine, lenders can now offer loans to even thin-file borrowers while maintaining a balance between missed profit and commensurate risks. The result? Borrowers are assessed accurately and quickly, resulting in a more efficient and effective lending process.

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Collection Scoring

Revolutionize debt collection with the power of AI. GiniMachine’s cutting-edge solution simplifies the process by prioritizing debtors with a higher chance of fast payback. Our decision-making software empowers your team with accurate predictions, saving you time and effort. GiniMachine suggests the best collection tools based on our scoring parameters, boosting your productivity and eliminating non-performing debts.

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Join forces with GiniMachine and take your business to new heights with our AI-powered credit scoring tool.
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Meet Our Clients

From the UK and Canada to Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, our
clients rely on GiniMachine to cover the entire loan lifecycle.
Traditional and
digital-only banks
Consumer and
commercial lenders
P2P/POS lenders
and marketplaces
BPO collection
Brokerage and
leasing companies
Brokerage and
leasing companies

Partnership Programs

Partner with us to take advantage of GiniMachine’s AI-powered credit scoring
software. Sell, deploy, and build custom solutions with complementary
programs — all designed with you in mind

Referral Partner

Our consulting partners come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including consultancies, agencies, and value-added resellers, and are committed to delivering the best possible solutions to their clients.

Sales Partner

Fintech business partners offer complementary technology that is seamlessly integrated with GiniMachine.
Technology partners include system integrators and managed service providers.

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