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No-Code AI Application Scoring System

You are here because your business goals most likely include automated application scoring, fast loan origination, accurate credit scoring, risk management, or an improved lending portfolio. And that’s exactly what GiniMachine’s capabilities are.

Automate Application Scoring with AI

GiniMachine is a web-based platform using AI and ML to assist in smart and powerful application scoring. No-code development of prediction models will help you reinvent customer onboarding, automate decisions, and gain more profit at the considerable risk level, which is defined by you.

Why GiniMachine

GiniMachine application scoring software refines your expertise: takes your historical data, builds, validates, and deploys scoring models in seconds, maybe minutes, depending on the dataset.

Our task is to use predictive analytics and show binary predictions with a high Gini Index. We make business decisions AI-powered, but they remain yours.

No-code AI

No special training and no large teams are required to build dozens of application scoring models and implement them.

Proven lending KPIs growth

Including a higher acceptance rate, better loan portfolio performance, and several folds reduced NPLs.

Any type of data

GiniMachine can use raw or processed data, consider missing fields and build models in a few seconds or minutes.

Better customer experience

Application scoring automated with AI and ML means fewer process bottlenecks and fast and frictionless customer onboarding.

Customized scoring

Supervised learning algorithms process and prioritize certain data types to create scoring models tailored to your business.

Multi-purpose use

The decision-making system can also be used for churn rate analysis, collection scoring, and marketing purposes.

Approve more eligible applications faster with GiniMachine. Contact us for an engaging tour around predictive analytics for banking services.

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Case Studies

It is always useful to back up the description with examples. Read the success stories of our customers to see the potential of GiniMachine in improving the company’s workflow, controlling risks, and maximizing profit.

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