Data Provision
Services for
Precised Scoring

Access a vast repository of historical data, the cornerstone for enhancing your machine learning models. Bypass the extensive data collection phase and focus squarely on achieving unparalleled accuracy in credit scoring.
Data Provision
Immediate start in data
Tailored credit analysis
Enhanced data quality
and accuracy
Compliance and robust

Data Provision
for Finance Machine
Learning Modeling

Businesses often lack the necessary historical data to develop their ML models. Whether you’re a startup in debt collection or lending, or a large financial institution exploring new markets, our Data Provision Services are tailored to support your projects.

Benefit from a Readymade
Historical Datasets

Accelerate your predictive modeling efforts, enhance decision-making
and expand into new markets

Data Provision
Credit repayment rates

Access to extensive training data boosts AI model accuracy in assessing creditworthiness and debt repayment. This leads to improved loan approvals and repayment rates, enhancing financial performance.

Data Provision
Quick start

Start predictive modeling without waiting to gather 1000 entries. Our Data Provision Services allow you to begin immediately, skipping the lengthy data collection phase, and accelerate your move towards data-driven decisions and predictions.

Data Provision
Improved performance

Our Data Provision Services enhances the model’s understanding of complex patterns and directly contributes to superior business outcomes by optimizing decision-making processes and strategic planning.

Data Provision
Enhanced fraud detection

More training on historical data increases the chance of detecting fraud in real databases. Our services include historical cases of negative outcomes, enabling your AI model to more effectively identify and prevent fraudulent activities.

Data Provision
Continuous updates

Maintain your AI model’s effectiveness by regularly enriching it with fresh, diverse data. Adapt swiftly to changing customer behaviors and evolving market dynamics to ensure your offerings remain relevant for your clients.

Data Provision
New market expansion

Facing a shortage of data from a particular region? Rely on the data sets we provide to gain deep and valuable insights into new markets.This will help you make informed decisions and mitigate risks.

Data Provision for Predictive Analytics

Prepare your data for AI scoring for just €100 per hour. Benefit from a skilled team of data engineers. Get better analytical outcomes, overseen by a team of Machine Learning experts

Data Types
for Scoring

Tailored, high-quality datasets provided by GiniMachine enhance performance of a wide range of financial institutions, spanning from SME lenders to banking corporations and debt collection agencies.

  • Social media and subscription services activity
  • Education and employment history
  • Peer-to-peer and bank account transactions
  • Rental and utility payments

Case Studies

Discover how GiniMachine team helped out dozens of companies
to expedite data analysis and receive unbiased
insights into their business

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