AI Predictive
Analytics for
Alternative Lenders

Boost your alternative lending strategy with the precise predictive power of AI-driven GiniMachine. Create predictive models to strategically plan for optimal outcomes. Make data-driven decisions with the ad-hoc solution for the alternative lending business.
Alternative Lending
Zero coding or AI
expertise required
Works with incomplete
and raw data
Provides readymade
predictions in 3-5 min
Explains why a certain
decision was made

Alternative Credit Scoring System

Easily assess loan applications with GiniMachine. Just upload
your historical loan data, and it will create a predictive model
based on past credit closure factors. Next, upload your active
loan data in a CSV or XLS file, and the system will pinpoint
potential non-performing loans (NPLs).

AI Scoring Software for
Alternative Lending

Leverage AI alternative scoring tool to increase accuracy of credit
decisions and accelerate loan processing at every stage.

Alternative Lending
Score alternative data

Increase loan origination by catering to thin-profile and unbanked borrowers. GiniMachine uses alternative data (like rent, utility payments, asset ownership, social media) for precise loan repayment predictions.

Alternative Lending
Automate preapprovals

Boost loan origination efficiency and issue more credits faster with GiniMachine. Integrated seamlessly with your loan system, the algorithm scores incoming applications instantly.

Alternative Lending
Build multiple models

GiniMachine creates unique models for each uploaded dataset, empowering diverse loan portfolio assessments. Our AI tool for alternative lenders allows limitless model building.

Alternative Lending
Monitor model accuracy

GiniMachine’s continuous model monitoring adapts to regulatory and market shifts, mitigates risks of outdated predictions, and avoids excess costs. It automates the process, alerting you promptly when updates are needed.

Alternative Lending
Score loan portfolios

Automatically audit assets to pinpoint high-risk ones. Utilize these data-driven insights for proactive NPL prevention and profit maximization. Enhance decision-making and loan management with informed, optimized processes.

Alternative Lending
Customize cut-offs

Alternative lenders enhance performance by fine-tuning the cutoff point, balancing precision and recall. This risk customization tool helps define the acceptable proportion of risky assets in the loan portfolio.

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Complete Debt
Management Software

GiniMachine AI is designed to improve debt processing for different
types of institutions.

Profit Forecast

Use GiniMachine’s profit forecast tool to evaluate your loan portfolio performance and spot potential delinquencies. It factors in all costs to calculate accurate loan approval profits and the expense of inaccurate approvals, aiding in effective portfolio profitability assessment and focus area identification.

Alternative Lending
Alternative Lending

Results Interpretation

Boost transparency with GiniMachine’s explainable alternative scoring. Meet regulatory needs with auditable decisions. GiniMachine visually represents key decision influencers, allowing clear understanding. Monitor system-considered factors and export detailed reports for easy analysis.

AI Debt Collection

Automate debt collection for higher asset liquidity and fewer NPLs. See a major reduction in Days Sales Outstanding. GiniMachine suggests optimal payback methods and personalizes strategies per case. Leverage this for scalable debt portfolio segmentation and efficient debt collection.

Alternative Lending

Fast and Free Credit Department Audit

Check your credit department on biases and human errors using a comprehensive guide from GiniMachine. You will receive it right away.

Consider Using
GiniMachine To

See how GiniMachine can facilitate overcoming
alternative lending pitfalls and improve your business
performance with the power of artificial intelligence.

  • Lower NPA/NLP for your business
  • Keep your accounts receivable from selling
  • Speed up application processing
  • Measure and improve debt collection performance
  • Build the debt collection department

Suits Diverse
Alternative Lending

Expedite loan processing, enhance the accuracy of credit
decisions, and eliminate defaults in outstanding debt with AI-driven
alternative scoring software.

Alternative Lending
Commercial lending

Commercial lenders leverage alternative data for superior risk assessment, informed decisions, and optimal interest rates. ML algorithms cut underwriting time and boost efficiency. Alternative scoring strengthens risk control and portfolio management, aiding in risk identification, repayment tracking, and loss mitigation.

Alternative Lending
Personal finance

Alternative credit scoring boosts customer reach, risk assessment, decision speed, and market access while reducing bias. By leveraging alternative data sources and advanced analytics, you can make more informed lending decisions and tailor their products and services to meet the diverse needs of borrowers.

Alternative Lending
Buy now pay later

Alternative scoring expands the BNPL customer base. AI refines borrower profiles for tailored loan terms. GiniMachine’s accurate creditworthiness assessments reduce bias, speed up decisions, and automate processes.

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