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Meet new GiniMachine
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Collection Scoring Platform

A leading-edge solution for collection scoring. Empowered with AI, GiniMachine builds highly accurate models that perfectly fit your company strategy. Analyze an unlimited amount of parameters in minutes. Score applications in one click. Focus on debtors likelier to pay back.

AI-based Platform for Debt Collection Scoring

Escape from an outdated and complicated debt collection. GiniMachine is easy to start and uses a platform powered by AI. No ML and Data Science experience required, no Ph.D. in coding — build, validate and deploy models in five minutes.

Collection Scoring Software Driven by AI

Use GiniMachine AI for accurate collection scoring tailored to your business needs and rules.

Maximize paybacks

Set up a cut-off value and reveal debtors who are more likely to pay back. With AI-driven GiniMachine, you will stop wasting your time on multiple non-performing debt collections and gather as much as possible.

Create right-fit models

Upload about 1,000 cases from your debt collection history for high accuracy in predictions. GiniMachine doesn’t provide ready-made models developed for the domain. It can build hundreds of data-driven models to provide the ideal one exactly for your business.

Benefit from tailored scoring

Forget about platforms with already set scoring parameters. GiniMachine is a flexible and scalable collection scoring solution. Analyze parameters without any limits to find out vital to your business needs only.

Rely upon scoring models

To let you bet on results, GiniMachine runs a blind test every time you build a model. The platform divides your data set in a ratio of about 70% to 30%. GiniMachine uses the first figure to build a model and the second to test it thus delivering you correct models and trusted solutions.

Know shady debtors

Track down debtors with a high default probability to plan bank reserves. Using GiniMachine, collection agencies and banks understand their risks and calculate their reserves with high precision. As a result, they don’t lose money and can put it into circulation, if possible.

Tune collection strategy

Make the most of GiniMachine — follow correlations between analyzed parameters (age, marital status, location, job position, etc) and implement collection tools (messages, calls, personal meetings, etc) to develop an effective and fast collection strategy per each debtor.

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Case Studies

Innovate your business with the right technology under the hood. Follow the success stories of our clients on meeting routine collection scoring challenges with GiniMachine AI.

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