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Fighting bad loans with AI

Utilize Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Build credit scoring models both for consumer and business lending.

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Reduce non-performing loans by up to 50%

Get x2 higher acceptance rate

Boost loan portfolio return by 30%

Build, validate and deploy models in 1 hour

*According to pilot projects. Results may vary.

Artificial Intelligence
in Action

Combine advanced machine learning techniques with your loan portfolio history to uncover the full potential of your data. Build unique scoring models in a matter of minutes — not weeks, and get an accurate way to assess individual default risk.

The GiniMachine Platform

GiniMachine is a full-scale credit scoring platform that utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and your historical data. The system automatically builds, validates and deploys high-performing risk models.

Step 1

Model Building

GiniMachine needs at least 1.000 records of previously issued loans with a status: good (repaid) or bad (overdue). The model builder does not require any preliminary analysis or data preparation.

Step 2


Every time the model is built, GiniMachine automatically provides you with a detailed validation report. Track the model's discriminatory power, all valuable insights and relevant statistics, like the calculated Gini Index, important features, etc.

Step 3


The models can be instantly integrated into your credit scoring process. Once the model is created and validated, it’s ready for scoring calculations & real-time predictions.

It Works

With modern ML techniques, you can build dozens of models with a Gini Index of 0.65+ and check hundreds of hypothesis within minutes. Get maximum out of your data today and easily work with new market challenges.

It Saves

Advanced machine learning can help you solve traditional credit scoring challenges. Better assess thin-file customers, reduce the usage of unstructured data sources and more accurately analyze your raw data.

It's Ready for Challenges

GiniMachine monitors the performance of models and informs you when it needs overtraining. Moreover, the system can easily adapt to any changes in your company, whether it’s a new market or product offer.

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