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Ready to use no-code platform: just upload your data and build models with high predictive power using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Software as a Service. No coding is required. GiniMachine – data-driven decision-making software to watch and enjoy how talented experts and powerful AI fortify each other.

Reduce risks by up to 45%
Improve your credit portfolio
Predict churn and retain customers
Reveal value of your data insights

Automated Decision Making

Previously decision-making relied on spreadsheets and data visualization. But these tools can only show structured data from the past. AI decision-making algorithms help to lift the curtain over the future: simulate, compare, and fuel your business decisions.

There is no need to have ML engineers or large teams of data scientists on board. GiniMachine automated decision-making platform can process terabytes of historical data. It builds, validates, and deploys risk models in minutes, not days.

Risk Management

GiniMachine decision-making software works with raw or structured historical data. It is smart enough to prioritize certain fields or process datasets with some data missing. Fast performance, friendly interface, and prediction accuracy are its key competitive advantages.

Collection Scoring

The solution helps to prioritize debtors with a higher chance for a fast payback. Decision-making software empowers collection by accurate predictions. It suggests using collection tools (calls, messages, or others) depending on the scoring parameters. As a result, collection businesses improve their productivity and avoid wasting time on non-performing debts.

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Application Scoring

The ability of the software to work with massive amounts of data can simplify the application scoring by identifying creditworthy borrowers in various industries. Using historical data of your business, GiniMachine can increase the returns in online loans, auto finance, POS lending, and more.

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Credit Scoring

Banks and fintech companies can leverage top-notch machine learning solutions to eliminate the drawbacks of traditional credit scoring. With the help of no-code decision-making software, lenders can grant loans even to thin-file borrowers and find the optimum balance between the missed profit and commeasurable risks.

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No-Code Predictive Analytics

GiniMachine is a full-fledged decision-making platform for predictive analytics. It does a huge preparatory job and helps you make informed and balanced decisions. The system generates risk management models with high predictive power.

Building a model

It takes at least 1,000 records with maximum details and a binary status. The system works with raw data, so no preliminary preparation is required.


A detailed report helps track valuable insights, statistics, features, indices, and the model’s discriminatory power.


The resulting models are completely ready for credit scoring calculations and real-time predictions.


Digital transformation in banks requires new tools. GiniMachine works as a decision-making software as a service for banks. There is just one button to help risk managers get a full picture even with no specific expertise in data science or machine learning. The readymade solution gives access to highly technological risk management and allows building models in a click.

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Financial Services

GiniMachine delivers reliable insights for financial services since 2016. High-performing risk and credit scoring models benefit fintech businesses of any size. Artificial intelligence suggests and then you make the final decision and control the process to minimize risks, efforts, and time expenditures.

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