Create advanced credit scoring models with artificial intelligence. Combine your data insights with the best machine learning techniques to automate and improve credit decisioning. Get invite to our closed beta test now.

Artificial intelligence in action.

At GiniMachine we’re redefining what a credit scoring platform should be, making it personal, accurate and artificially intelligent. We provide you with a scoring robot that automatically learns from your datasets and creates analytical-based models that predict customers’ credit behaviour.

It works

With a Gini coefficient of 0.62 and higher, our scoring robot shows the results comparable to those achieved by the top risk management professionals.


What is time-consuming and erroneous for risk managers is hassle-free for the robot. Besides, it doesn’t require any extra money spent on additional software that usually costs a bundle.

IT’S Ready For Challenges

Need to modify business models, expand to new regions or offer extra financial services or products? Our robot adapts to any changes in your company just in a few clicks.


What used to take days and hours in scoring, now takes minutes. We help you turn a vast amount of data into fast and accurate credit decisions.

Step 1

Data origination

We send you the instructions on how to prepare your data for the robot. Approximately it requires 1.000 records of previously issued loans.

Step 2

Robot training

The robot automatically analyses your data and builds a unique credit scoring model fully-customized to your market, customer base and operations.

Step 3

Full-scale operation

When the training is done, the robot is ready to assess applicants’ information and make loan underwriting decisions. The system will inform you when it needs further learning.


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