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Credit Scoring Software

One button solution for innovative credit scoring. Fight bad loans with the AI-powered GiniMachine platform. Build unique scoring models and make solid credit decisions within seconds.

AI-driven Credit Scoring Solution

Analyze your data in a new automatic and autonomous way. GiniMachine can free you of manual work enabling you to enjoy credit scoring. Empowered with AI and ML, the platform stands for accuracy in predictions and low-risk experience.

Machine Learning Credit Scoring

A new experience of careful credit decision making with the AI-powered GiniMachine platform

Narrow bad loan down

Distinguish potentially bad borrowers to fend off undesirable risks. Tune your cut-off value and focus on application with high-performing figures. Using GiniMachine AI, you know how to properly manage your time.

Use alternative data

AI credit scoring will help you analyze parameters that traditional systems ignore or miss out to reach thin-file borrowers. WIth GiniMachine, you will forget about limits and build hundreds of scoring models setting up unique parameters, such as age, occupation, location, etc.

Develop unique models

Build business-oriented models by using cases from your historical data. Analyzing your previous credit-granting cases, GiniMachine will drive models that perfectly fit your business and your risk assessment rules.

Get thorough reports

Receive a detailed validation report every time a model is built. Our credit scoring solution allows tracking the discriminate power of models and getting valuable statistics, such as calculated Gini Index,
K-S score, and others.

Get more free time

Enjoy the reduction in expenditures for solving standard credit scoring tasks. GiniMachine easily integrates into your routine working processes and saves your efforts. If something changes in your company, product offers, or target market, the system will easily adapt to anything.

Relish ease-of-use

Do not retrain your staff to integrate GiniMachine into your processes. Our credit scoring software doesn’t require experience in ML, coding, and statistics. Sign up, build models, score applications, and provide loans.

Discover how GiniMachine can level up your business. Get in touch with the team to explore the platform and enrich your credit scoring process.

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