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No-Code AI Predictive Analytics Platform

GiniMachine no-code predictive analytics software analyzes raw or structured historical data patterns. It predicts possible outcomes and builds risk management models in a few clicks.

AI tailored to your business needs
Risks and opportunities at your fingertips
A clear idea of your customers
No-code development

AI Predictive Analytics Software

We offer an AI-based platform that extracts valuable information from data sets and determines patterns. GiniMachine is a set of automated, scalable, and reproducible tools for a six-step workflow: analyze data, build, validate and deploy risk models, make predictions and monitor results.

Predictive Analytics for Banks and Finance

GiniMachine is a web-based platform able to refine your financial expertise with no engineering required: automate application and credit scoring, speed up loan decisions, consider possible risks, and reach higher profit levels. It utilizes predictive analytics for AI/ML binary predictions with a high Gini Index.


Financial predictive analytics software provides projections of risks and events based on historical data patterns. Banks can use AI predictions to flag non-performing loans, improve their portfolio, choose appropriate investment strategies, predict customer churn and receive more customer behavior insights for planning marketing activities.

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Financial Services

Financial services institutions can benefit from the predictive analytics platform due to its seamless integration and easy use. There is no need to have a team of ML engineers at a fintech company to explore the opportunities of GiniMachine. It works with structured and unstructured data, financial and alternative data to build reliable financial risk models for data-driven financial and customer-related decisions.

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GiniMachine Benefits

The development of multi-purpose predictive analytics software took us a while, but the resulting platform advantages are impressive:

  1. Fast and easy use. Dozens of prediction models built in a few clicks and no engineering background required.
  2. Customized decision-making. GiniMachine built-in heuristics work with various data types and build models tailored to your business domain.
  3. Improved KPIs. Higher financial performance, faster decisions, better customer experience due to targeted marketing campaigns.

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