case study of the asian debt collection company

The Asian Collection Company

Harnessing the power of GiniMachine, the сollection сompany revolutionizes its debt collection process and loan portfolio evaluation, reducing model building time from weeks to mere minutes


As a leading collection outsourcing agency for lenders and banks, the collection company faced significant challenges. Their existing model took weeks to build and validate. Not only did they provide collection services, but they also purchased debts and debt portfolios. The company’s data science and analyst teams spent a considerable amount of time and resources processing, structuring, and labeling millions of raw records for a single predictive model, even with automated tools for data processing.

Serving multiple lenders, each requiring a different collection approach, compounded the complexity. The prolonged process of devising effective collection strategies for individual debtors across various portfolios further strained their operations. Additionally, the inability to accurately forecast collection repayments hampered the company’s financial planning, affecting future reinvestments.


GiniMachine, equipped with advanced AI capabilities, provided the perfect solution. The new system allowed for:

  1. Rapid model building, reducing the time taken for millions of records from weeks to just 5 minutes.
  2. A comprehensive evaluation report/model to scrutinize the model’s performance and tailor it to specific cases.
  3. The ability to assess lenders’ portfolios before acquisition, ensuring investments only in those with higher ROI. This is particularly crucial as the company also buys debts and debt portfolios.
  4. The ability to assess lenders’ portfolios before acquisition, ensuring investments only in those with higher ROI.
  5. Efficient collection scoring that categorizes debtors into four distinct groups based on their financial status and willingness to pay. This segmentation aids in predicting recovery amounts for individual debtors or entire portfolios.
  6. Debt segmentation that not only accelerates the collection cycle by twofold but also enhances the No Cure No Pay productivity.
  7. An additional revenue stream from auditing client loan and debt portfolios, strengthening their negotiation position regarding future financial compensations or KPI compliance.
  8. A No Code API integration that automates the collection process, eliminating the need for extensive manual work.
  9. On-premise software deployment that restricts third-party access to portfolio information, ensuring compliance with local data security regulations.
The Asian Collection Company


With GCollection at the helm, the collection company experienced a transformative shift in its operations. The agency can now swiftly identify debtor categories, optimize collection strategies, and make informed investment decisions, especially when purchasing debts and debt portfolios. The streamlined process not only boosts their core collection services but also allows them to offer value-added services like portfolio audits.

The integration of the No Code API and the on-premise software deployment ensures both efficiency and data security. By leveraging GCollection, the collection company stands out as a frontrunner in the debt collection industry, offering swift, effective, and secure services.


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