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Advanced Platform
for Scoring

GiniMachine's machine learning algorithms harness your data to build credit scoring models and generate real-time predictions.

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The New Standard in Risk Management

Traditional ways of building risk models require much time, a great deal of heavy lifting and specialised expertise. This is what GiniMacine changes. Without a PhD in statistics and the necessity to write code, you can build, validate and deploy powerful scoring models. With its intuitive UI and a wealth of pro-level features, GiniMachine is a perfect fit for risk managers, developers and business owners alike.



Gini Index

Up to


to build
a scoring model

Less than


to process
a loan application

Up to


to build, validate
& deploy a model

How it works:
An End-to-End
Credit Scoring Platform


Start with Data

To build a model, you need at least 1.000 records of previously issued loans. The system works perfectly with historical data, without any preliminary analysis or data pre-processing.


Build a Model

GiniMachine automatically analyzes your data and builds a tailor-made model using the proprietary implementation of a decision tree ensemble method (with a 'secret sauce') and a deep learning neural network.



Every time the model is built, GiniMachine automatically provides you with a detailed validation report, showing all valuable insights and diagrams. Track the calculated Gini Index, important features & model performance, etc.



The models can be instantly hosted or set up on your premise, without complex deployment process. Besides, every time the model is built and validated, it’s ready for scoring calculations & real-time predictions.

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