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Zenzia Case Study

2fun2me – Zenziya

GiniMachine AI helps Zenziya, a Central American fintech company, grant online loans in less than a minute and get more than 80% of paid back debts.


At our first communication, Zenziya already had a credit scoring system but wanted to improve the Gini index, get more accurate predictions, and eventually increase profitability. The customer was searching for second-opinion software. 


GiniMachine showed impressive results during the trial period. The system works independently: it builds, validates, and deploys risk models with the Gini Index of 0.65+. The client can make use of alternative data for an informed loan decision and better understand risks.

2fun2me - Zenziya


Zenziya has been using GiniMachine AI since 2019 and regularly shares positive feedback about the system’s performance. Fast loan decisions and controlled risk levels help the business avoid missing income, experiment with the marketing strategies, and timely update loan terms and conditions. More than 80% of debts are successfully returned.

2fun2me - Zenziya

The use of GiniMachine services maximizes the value of our historical data allowing us to get real-time default predictions on loan requests and indeed makes our decisioning instantaneous. The use of AI was exactly what we needed to grow our client portfolio.

Gaston Perri 2fun2me Gaston Perri,
Chief Innovation Officer at Zenziya

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