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Yeaz Case Study


Armed with GiniMachine AI, Yeaz! automates credit scoring process reducing time-to-decide to seconds.


Being a relatively young business, Yeaz! needed to gain a market advantage over competitors. The company wanted an AI solution to automate the entire scoring process and issue loans the next day after an application. 


GiniMachine powered with AI and ML allows reducing scoring up to seconds. In one click, users get a detailed report on whether an applicant will pay back or not proven by GiniIndex, and a detailed validation report. 


Having a fully automated scoring process with GiniMachine, a client greatly reduces decision-making time by attracting more commercial customers. Thus, our clients can outperform competitors offering fast and effective services. 

AI-based GiniMachine allows increasing the number of approved loans while not going beyond your cut-off value. It provides Yeaz! with a great opportunity to expand its customer base throughout Europe.


The GiniMachine team grabbed our attention from the very first demo call. They showed us a product able to transform our business decision making. That’s exactly what happened, and we are happy with what we got.

Marcel Van Wezel Marcel van Wezel,
COO at Yeaz!

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