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NEO Finance Case Study

NEO Finance

Powered with GiniMachine AI, NEO Finance grew the number of issued loans by 2x and achieved 81.01% of not overdue and repaid debts. 


NEO Finance was looking for a dedicated solution driving reliable results and declining default risks. They needed AI software to maximize the value of the customer data and grow their client portfolio.


GiniMachine enables users to build, validate and deploy custom models to reach as high Gini Index as needed. Using the platform, our clients can score loan applications by switching unlimited parameters set by the user. Thus, having a broader picture of the customers’ behavior and managing risks effectively. 


Since 2019 NEO Finance remains the loyal user of GiniMachine AI. Our client meets its target for loan portfolio growth and already increased the number of issued credits by 2x. While the number of not overdue and returned loans is 81.01%. 

AI-powered GiniMachine lets the client increase the number of approved applications while decreasing non-performing loans. The successful experience of NEO Finance proves other our clients reached out to GiniMachine on their advice.

NEO Finance

Here at NeoFinance, the flow of incoming requests is huge, so it’s vital for our business to wisely assess individual default risks. GiniMachine maximizes the value of our data. And that’s exactly what we need to grow our client portfolio.

Evaldas Remeikis NEOfinance Evaldas Remeikis,
Chairman of the Board at NEO Finance

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