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Meet new GiniMachine
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gimimachime debt collection scoring software

GiniMachine launched a version for Collection Scoring in lending business

GiniMachine is a SaaS platform that helps you make data-driven business decisions with the help of AI/ML having no coding skills. 

The ready-to-use software platform is designed to reveal the power of your historical data with the help of Artificial Intelligence. 

It can be used to score loan applications at financial institutions or to predict churn prediction in marketing and sales departments. 

ginimachine - ai debt collection scoring software

AI/ML Collection Scoring

Recently, GiniMachine released a separate tailored version for Collection Scoring. 

Here is what it can do for you: 

  • Help you grow debt recovery from overdue debts;
  • Reduce debt collection lifecycle time; 
  • Minimize operating costs of collection workflows; 
  • Ensure professional and effective approach to overdue debt management. 

GiniMachine Collection module helps create a flexible framework of your company’s internal rules and regional regulations to select only potentially profitable cases to deal with and to choose the right communication channels for best outcomes possible. 

All that is based on your historical data of delinquency management. 

For example, you have a file with data on the overdue debts, borrower’s information and collection results. Just upload it to the system, and GiniMachine will build a model. Every time you score new cases, GiniMachine will highlight most effective communication tools and cases with the highest chance of repayment. 

debt collection scoring ai model

Key features of GiniMachine for Collection Scoring 

For lenders: 

  • Build a predictive model that evaluates the probability of repayment in real numbers just in a few clicks. 
  • Select the necessary cutoff value to choose cases you consider worth your efforts.
  • Benefit from data-based mechanisms of working with risks in the context of payback probabilities.
  • Choose the matching communication strategy and channels based on your historical data.
  • Use model monitoring functionality to upgrade your business models in case of business or economic changes.
    GiniMachine launched a version for Collection Scoring in lending business

    For collection agencies and debt recoveries: 

    • Assess the total solvency portfolio of debtors before buying it: you can cut off bad debtors, not loans.
    • Get data recommendations and evaluation report.
    ginimachine ai collection scoring results

    The interface of GiniMachine collection edition is focused purely on collection activities, not credit scoring. You get an opportunity to evaluate your data and see to which extent it can be used in predictions. 

    The collection edition is a great add-on to the classic version of GiniMachine and is fully suitable for end-to-end lending businesses. 

    By revealing the value of your data insights, you can optimize the team efforts and time expenditure and improve the loan payback rate. 

    Get a free 30-day trial or book a call with the GiniMachine team to learn more.

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