Enhancing Debt Collection Strategies with AI: Exclusive Podcast

Enhancing Debt Collection Strategies with AI: Exclusive Podcast

We’re excited to announce our upcoming podcast, a deep dive into the use of Artificial Intelligence in enhancing debt collection strategies, with a special focus on the financial sector in the Philippines.

December 6, 3 PM Philippine Time

We will delve into the innovative use of artificial intelligence in debt collection and collection scoring, a field ripe for transformation in the Philippines’ bustling economy and tech-savvy market.

Key Topics

– An overview of the current debt collection landscape in the Philippines.

– Strategies to integrate AI for improving efficiency and customer experience in debt collection.

– Insights and success stories from industry leaders.

Featured Speakers

  1. Renata Sarvari, MBA, Head of Business Development at GiniMachine, brings over 7 years of experience in scoring, collection, and process automation.
  2. Ian (Martin) Madrid, CEO of S.P. Madrid, will share his expertise from leading a top debt collection agency in the Philippines and UAE.

This podcast is essential for professionals in the banking and fintech sectors, especially those in consumer and commercial lending, microfinance, and credit unions in the Philippines.

Join us to gain valuable insights and strategies to transform your debt collection processes. Register here.


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