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GiniMachine Rated Among Top 20% Most Promising Startups in Europe
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GiniMachine Rated Among Top 20% Most Promising Startups in Europe

Minsk (Belarus), February 11, 2019 – Early Metrics, an independent rating agency for tech startups and innovative SMEs, announces the results of its recent assessment. According to the agency’s procedure, GiniMachine scores 77 out of 100 points. This puts the company into the top 20% cohort of innovation-focused businesses with high potential for future growth.

With this rating, the Early Metrics panel of analysts evaluates GiniMachine as a company with a strong market position. According to the Early Metrics proprietary evaluation methodology, GiniMachine follows mature processes and has a business culture to drive innovation further.

What does it mean for corporate decision makers? With an average 90% rate of failure for new companies in the innovation segment, the rating serves as a benchmarking tool. Use it to choose a trustworthy partner that will show resilience and ability to deliver solutions.

“Your company underwent an analysis from an independent and trustworthy third party that could arise from due diligence conducted on behalf of potential investors. We believe that this is a positive signal of maturity and is well regarded by potential commercial partners and investors”, gives his feedback Clément Segal, VC Analyst at Early Metrics.

“We believe that our company brings value to traditional business routines of financial institutions. We revolutionize the industry with innovative tech such as AI. Following the year rich in conferences and active market expansion campaigns, this high credibility from independent analysts is a true recognition for us and proof that we are going in the right direction,” says Dmitry, CEO, and Co-Founder of GiniMachine. “We are honored to be placed among the strongest new companies capable of growing its success further”.

About GiniMachine

GiniMachine is a credit risk management platform that helps fight bad loans with AI. GiniMachine allows banks and other financial institutions to build advanced credit scoring models with machine learning algorithms in real-time, validate them and optimize their risk-return models. Equipped with the solution, companies can surface hidden interdependencies in their underwriting data, better segment potential customers and default borrowers to overcome the challenges of traditional credit scoring.

About Early Metrics

Early Metrics is an international rating agency that assesses startups and SMEs against non-financial KPIs such as growth potential. It helps corporate players and Fortune 500 clients make better investment decisions or expand their innovation portfolio through partnerships with trustworthy smaller tech companies. The agency relies on its proprietary methodology to grow and constantly update its 2000+ startups database. The methodology is focused on equity metrics combined with the qualitative evaluation of the company. They include entrepreneurial skills of the founding team and their ability to execute their growth plan, the company’s core technology and market positioning. The benchmarking reports are delivered through a process of rigorous screening and a series of interviews with the team. The rating is free for its participants to avoid any conflict of interests.

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